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Mr. Right Now : This is the guy that is always available to solve any problem. He is very visible, everyone knows his name, and everyone knows what he does. He fixes things. It doesn’t matter what time of the day or night, he is always there. When there is a problem—any problem—you call Mr. Right Now and he finds a way to solve that problem. He rarely fails to deliver and everyone praises his hard work and effort. However, whenever he solves a problem, he solves it just enough to move on to the next emergency. Mr. Right : This is the guy that you rarely see. When there is a problem, he pokes his head around the corner, but since there are few problems, people never really know that he is around. In fact, people often ask, “So, what is it you do around here?” But when Mr. Right solves a problem, he solves it for good, making sure that he never has to touch that server again to address that issue. Then, he proactively does that same fix against the rest of his servers before they experience a similar issue, thereby solving problems before they happen.

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