wget and the http protocol version

Written by  on Dezember 4, 2015 

Found some scripts using wget, which suddenly stopped working after a server upgrade. Strange thing, using curl still worked. Using a proxy server also worked.
So what was the problem?
The new server version didn’t support HTTP version 1.0 and discarded the requests with HTTP status 403, forbidden. But why in all the possible worlds would wget send an HTTP 1.0 header? Oh, it’s just because its a freaking old wget version 1.12 used by Red Hat which simply won’t support HTTP 1.1!
Check out the version information at Wikidpedia.

Wget 1.13, released August 2011, supports HTTP/1.1

Any newer version than this old version from September 2009 wouldn’t have caused troubles.
If I understand this question at Stackoverflow correctly HTTP 1.1 was introduced in 1996 … but the wget version from 2009 won’t support that.

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