Zitat des Tages

Written by  on Februar 7, 2010

Einige Mantras für den Sysadmin:

It is always a good time to save your work!
Always make backups!
Record every request, every time!
Take your PDA with you!
Sooner is better than later!

Aus Time Management for System Administrators bzw. Zeitmanagement für Systemadministratoren

Zitat des Tages

Written by  on Februar 6, 2010

Es ist so schön, einen abwechslungsreichen und herausfordernden Job zu haben 🙂

A system administrator sometimes needs to be a business-process consultant, corporate visionary, janitor, software engineer, electrical engineer, economist, psychiatrist, mindreader and occasionally, a bartender.

Was der Admin über seine Server wissen sollte

Written by  on Januar 5, 2010
  • What is the system concerned with?
  • How does it work?
  • Where is the data worked with, or where is funcionality achieved?
  • Who works with data and achieves functionality?
  • When is it done?